Logan Paul Has Eyes On New WWE World Heavyweight Title

Logan Paul

More and more WWE superstars are setting their sights on WWE’s newest title, including one of its newest stars in Logan Paul.

On April 24th, Triple H revealed the company’s newest prize: the World Heavyweight Championship. Once an inaugural champion is crowned come Night of Champions next month, WWE will officially have sixteen recognized and defended titles across all three brands.

This new WHC was created in response to Roman Reigns being presented as being on such a completely different level that no one else can measure up or compete with him, much less defeat him.

As a result, the company decided to create a new “world championship” for whichever brand Reigns does not end up on following the WWE draft taking place later this week.

Several people within WWE have already started making plans to acquire this new title, including Austin Theory and Seth Rollins. But both of them need to watch out as another big star that at least one of them is familiar with wants that same prize as well.

But unlike either of them, Logan Paul didn’t need to cut a long promo or make any gestures on TV to signal his intentions. Instead, he posted a simple message on Twitter that got his point across much more succinctly.

Night of Champions will take place on Saturday May 27th. No matches have been announced aside from the singles match for this new title.