Logan Paul & Dominik Mysterio Showered With Boos On Raw

Dominik Mysterio Logan Paul WWE Raw

Logan Paul and Dominik Mysterio like each other but they might be the only people in WWE that do.

On SmackDown in San Antonio, Texas Logan Paul made his ambitions clear on his return to WWE as he reminded everyone that in his first WWE match, he picked up a win over Rey Mysterio. Mysterio teamed with his son Dominik at WrestleMania 38 in a loss to Paul and The Miz and now Paul was looking to take Mysterio’s title from him.

Rey Mysterio came to the ring and noted that he saw a lot of similarities between Logan Paul and his own son in that Paul has plenty of natural ability, passion, an incredible career ahead of him, and a big mouth. Mysterio noted that Paul needed humbling and he wasn’t going to hesitate to “whoop his ass.” Mysterio then offered Paul the chance to meet him for the US Title at Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia which Paul accepted and the two men shook hands to seal the deal.

Logan Paul finds a kindred spirit in Dominik Mysterio

On Raw in Dallas, Texas, however, any semblance of respect was gone as Logan Paul was joined by Rey’s wayward son Dominik Mysterio. Paul crowed about how both he and Dominik had overcome adversity in the form of Dom’s “deadbeat dad” and the fact Paul was “from Ohio” as the crowd showered both men in boos.

Eventually, Paul went to a previous well as he invited ring announcer Samantha Irvin into the ring, seemingly to apologise for involving her in his previous feud with Irvin’s fiancé Ricochet. However, Paul then wanted Irvin to announce him as the new WWE United States Champion as an apparent preview of what will happen at Crown Jewel.

Ricochet soon intervened taking out Logan Paul with the three men involved in a brawl. It was then confirmed that Dominik Mysterio will take on Ricochet on the 30th of October edition of Raw.