Logan Paul Challenges Conor McGregor to $1 Million Bet

Logan Paul and Conor McGregor

Logan Paul could become even richer after his upcoming boxing match.

Returning to the boxing ring and the UK on October 14th, Paul will step into the ring against Dillon Danis. The match has already got people talking, including former UFC Champion Conor McGregor.

McGregor firmly believes that Danis will be victorious over the YouTube personality, something that the WWE Superstar finds laughable.

Speaking on his YouTube Vlog, Paul stated that having Mcgregor as a coach will only increase his chances of victory, and issued the $1 million bet for the upcoming bout:

“Conor? Conor McCrackhead is coaching Dillon Danis, huh? Worst coach in history. My odds just went up. I’m coming for you next, bitch. If you’re so confident in your boy, I have a bet for you. I’d bet Dillon, but he’s a broke bitch and that’s a fact. Conor, listen, I got $1 million that says I beat your boy on October 14. Come on, bro. Come on, I know you’re caked up. Let’s see how confident you are. Imagine all the coke you can buy, you f*cking drug addict. Two dummies, one night, October 14, I’m f*cking you both up,”

Logan Paul’s Bizarre Contract Stipulation

Logan Paul is confident that he can defeat Danis in the ring, but is less confident that the Bellator fighter will actually make it to the fight, due to repeated fight pull-outs in the past. Wanting to have some insurance ahead of the fight, Paul will be paid a big sum of money if Danis decided to no-show.

Looking ahead to another boxing match in the future, Paul has also called out Conor McGregor as his next opponent.

H/t to Fightful