Paul Heyman Has “Great Respect” For Logan & Jake Paul

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Paul Heyman has explained why he respects Logan & Jake Paul for their success in boxing as well as their transition into the world of WWE.

Prior to his first appearances in WWE, Logan Paul became popular as a YouTube star as well as a podcast host that would go on to box legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather. Logan’s brother Jake has also had a lot of success in boxing including his recent win over UFC legend Anderson Silva.

At WWE Crown Jewel, Logan impressed WWE fans again as he nearly beat Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship while wrestling half the match with a major knee injury. Paul Heyman was at ringside for the match to support Reigns while having a shocked look throughout the match because it looked like Logan might win.

During a recent appearance on WWE’s After The Bell podcast with Corey Graves & Kevin Patrick that aired prior to Crown Jewel, Heyman explained why he respects the Paul brothers.

“I have great respect for what they’ve done simply on YouTube. You know, their numbers speak for themselves. I have great respect for what Logan Paul has done with his Impaulsive podcasts, the numbers speak for themselves. And yes, you take a look at the numbers at Mayweather versus [Paul]. first of all for Floyd Mayweather to agree. And this is not Floyd Mayweather now who has now grasped the concept of these exhibitions that he’s doing. This was a Floyd Mayweather off of the Floyd Mayweather vs. McGregor fight which was just the most astounding box office figures in the history of boxing. So for Floyd Mayweather to be willing to step into the ring with Logan Paul says a lot about Logan Paul and Logan Paul.”

Heyman went on to explain why he was very impressed by the Paul brothers’ ability to disrupt the boxing industry.

“They have the testicles to step in, I wouldn’t step into the room with Floyd Mayweather. I don’t care that he’s five foot two and 115 pounds and Kevin Hart powers over him right? I wouldn’t step into the ring with Floyd Mayweather. I’d get my head knocked off my shoulders. So for Logan Paul would be willing, a YouTuber, a kid, a stunt show. You know like, you know, an impractical Joker. The heir to the Jackass and Tom Green generation. And for Logan Paul to step into the ring and have to train and get ready for Floyd f*cking Mayweather? Yes, very impressed, very impressed how the Paul brothers have disrupted the entire boxing industry.”

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