Liv Morgan’s Arrest Branded A Joke By WWE Hall Of Famer

Liv Morgan WWE

Former WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion Liv Morgan has had a brush with the law but Eric Bischoff thinks the whole situation is a joke.

WWE star Liv Morgan was arrested following a traffic stop on December 14th in Sumter County, Florida. Her arrest was for possession of marijuana (not more than 20 grams), possession of drug equipment, and possession of drugs, possibly synthetic cannabinoids.

A search of Liv Morgan’s car was said to have turned up a “small plastic bag containing marijuana” and a vape pen that held “an oil-like substance.” That substance was tested and proven to be marijuana.

Eric Bischoff Not Impressed By Liv Morgan’s Arrest

Speaking on 83 Weeks, WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff came to Liv Morgan’s defence and branded her arrest as a joke:

I know people that listen to me think, ‘Oh, he’s such a hardcore conservative,’ which is absolutely not the case. [I’m] very conservative on some things but I’m very socially liberal about others. I think the whole marijuana thing is a joke. I think the fact that she had a ticket because there was a vape pen in her car is just silly a*** joke.

I don’t get that, there must have been something — that cop must have been having a really bad day or maybe it was his or her first day on the job. I don’t know, but that’s just silly. I’m glad there is no heat.

It was reported that WWE has no heat towards Liv Morgan for the arrest so it is not believed she will be fined or suspended for the incident.

h/t Wrestling Inc.