Liv Morgan “Murdered” On Chucky TV Show (VIDEO)

Liv Morgan

SPOILER: Chucky killed Liv Morgan.

Each USA Network, the “Chucky” series and Liv Morgan herself have all teased it, and it’s finally here. On the most recent episode of “Chucky,” Liv Morgan made a guest appearance. The episode this week was the fourth episode in the show’s second season, and it was a bit different than what we’ve seen previously.

It does continue from last week’s storyline, with Tiffany/Jennifer Tilly being reunited with her children Glen and Glenda, however, the episode is also centered around a murder mystery that involved five killings. With Chucky interrupting, the show is set up like a sitcom to explain everything that’s on the table.

This is where Liv Morgan comes in.

When everything is set up, Chucky once again causes an interruption and brings up how there are still mysteries that need to be solved. Then, Chucky introduces Morgan as both a WWE Champion and also one of the biggest fans of himself. Up next, Morgan would sit down with Chucky on the couch.

After giving Chucky a kiss to the audience going “Ooooooh” (or it was at least a sound effect), Morgan told him that it was “truly an honor” to be on his show. While on the couch, the two go over the mysteries, with Morgan getting most of her guesses wrong. Chucky even took a jab at Morgan, saying “You’re not very good at this, are you?”

And then, that’s when the fun begins.