Liv Morgan Meets Crying Fan From WWE Smackdown (VIDEO)

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Liv Morgan gave a young WWE fan a very happy moment after the girl was seen visibly in tears after a match on Smackdown.

During the March 3rd edition of Smackdown in Washington, DC, Liv Morgan was in a match against Women’s Royal Rumble winner Rhea Ripley.

While the former Smackdown Women’s Champion Morgan put up a fight against Ripley, Liv was unable to win the match. Ripley used her power to hit a Riptide slam along with an inverted cloverleaf to force Morgan to tap out.

After the match, the WWE cameras found a young female fan in the crowd was in tears after seeing Morgan lose. It led to a lot of fans talking about it on social media saying that they hoped WWE would make things right for that little girl by doing something for her.

It turns out that WWE and Liv Morgan did something for her because the little girl got to go backstage. It was filmed by WWE and posted on social media.

The video of Liv with the young girl saw Liv embrace her with a big hug. Liv made sure she was okay and said she wanted to see her. The girl is nearly ten years old, so Liv suggested that in eight years if the girl becomes a wrestler, perhaps she can team up with Liv in the future. Liv also signed something for the girl as well.

Good job by Liv and WWE on making memories for that young fan to last a lifetime.