Linda McMahon Banned Ex-WWE Star From Doing One Move

Linda McMahon

A former WWE Tag Team Champion has revealed how ex-CEO Linda McMahon took him aside and told him in no uncertain terms never to try a certain move again.

Scotty 2 Hotty danced his way into the hearts of many WWE fans during his time in the company. Known for his vicious Worm finishing move, the star has revealed that trying out a different move nearly had disastrous consequences.

At Backlash 2000, Dean Malenko successfully defended his Light Heavyweight Championship against Scotty 2 Hotty in a one-on-one match. During the bout, Malenko gave his challenger a cradle DDT from the top rope, and speaking on the Wrestling With Johners podcast, Scotty 2 Hotty explained how the move nearly ended in serious injury:

“It was very dangerous and I could’ve easily broken my neck. It looks like I broke my neck on it.”

“It was Dean’s idea. He told me had done it with (Chris) Jericho; I recently just saw it with Jericho taking it a month ago for the first time and I was like ‘oh, that’s what I was supposed to do.’ I was supposed to jump out further so I would land more on my stomach and I didn’t jump out. I just kind of spiked myself right into the mat from the top rope.”

It was left to Linda McMahon to pull Scotty 2 Hotty aside and give him a simple warning of “don’t ever do that again!” Something the star was able to tell McMahon that she didn’t need to worry about as he wouldn’t be.

h/t Wrestling Inc.