Late Wrestling Star’s Family Have Their Say On Will Ospreay’s Tribute

Will Ospreay

Will Ospreay has made one family very happy following Forbidden Door as the AEW International Champion paid tribute to a late wrestling legend.

Will Ospreay challenged Swerve Strickland for the AEW World Championship at Forbidden Door. Ultimately Strickland proved to be too much for Ospreay as he retained his gold making sure Mercedes Mone was the only AEW star to leave Forbidden Door with two titles of her own.

Many fans noticed during Ospreay’s entrance that he was wearing the mask of the late Japanese star Hayabusa as he paid his own tribute. Hayabusa was paralyzed following an in-ring accident in 2001 which confined him to a wheelchair for most of the rest of his life before his death in 2016 aged just 47.

Will Ospreay Delights Hayabusa’s Family

AEW Japan released a letter from Hayabusa’s brother sent before Forbidden Door where he noted the whole family felt very proud that Will Ospreay wanted to honour the star on the show:

Hello, This is Takanori Ezaki, a younger brother of Hayabusa.

I heard that Will Osprey would like to use Hayabusa’s costume and entrance theme for Forbidden Door. We, the family of Hayabusa, felt very proud.

It’s been more than 20 years since he was injured in 2001. Many people still sent him their respects over seas. We greatly appreciate it.

I wish the AEW wrestlers safety. Please keep showing us good fights, and be careful not to get injured. I also wish that both Forbidden Door and AEW will be successful. Takanori Ezaki

In a video released by AEW, Will Ospreay revealed he took out Hayabusa’s daughter and asked her permission to one day don the legendary mask used by the late star and confirmed he had the family’s full support for his tribute.

Hayabusa’s daughter also reacted to the tribute on social media, writing:

Thank you I am soo grateful.