Lanny Poffo Explains Why He Allowed Randy Savage To Join WWE HOF

Randy Savage

The Genius Lanny Poffo has spoken about his decision to go against his late brother Randy Savage’s wishes and allow him to be inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame as a solo act.

The Macho Man Randy Savage is a legend of the wrestling business, headlining WrestleManias and capturing numerous WWF and WCW World Championships during his iconic career.

One accolade Savage did not receive before his untimely death in 2011 was an induction into the WWE Hall Of Fame despite being over-qualified for such a thing.

Speaking to Inside The Ropes’ Keith Elliot Greenberg for issue 8 of Inside The Ropes magazine, Lanny Poffo discussed Savage’s belief that he wanted to be inducted alongside his brother and their father Angelo Poffo:

“Without going into a long, boring dissertation, Randy didn’t want to go into the Hall of Fame unless our father [regional wrestling star and promoter, Angelo Poffo] and I were inducted with him. He was mad that the entire Von Erich family had been inducted, but WWE only wanted to induct him. Now, of the Von Erichs, Fritz, David, Kerry and Kevin all belong in the Hall of Fame. The other two, Mike and Chris, weren’t at the same level. And Randy would get mad and say, ‘Even Lanny was better than Chris.’”

According to Poffo when he accepted an induction on his brother’s behalf in 2015, his mother was not best pleased but Lanny Poffo believes the many fans of Randy Savage deserved their chance to celebrate the Macho Man:

“My mother was still alive, and she was really mad that I wasn’t honouring Randy’s wishes when WWE wanted to induct him. But I told her, “Mom, I used to be the youngest in the family, and I didn’t always get my wishes. In fact, I seldom got my wishes. And I’m now older than Randy was when he died. And my feeling is the Macho fan is bigger than the Macho Man. And the Macho fan wants to see Randy in the Hall of Fame.”

Credit: Inside The Ropes magazine