LA Knight Would Be Disappointed Without Completing Main Goal In WWE

LA Knight WWE

LA Knight is coming off his first WrestleMania win while looking to the future and what he wants to accomplish as a WWE superstar.

At WrestleMania 40 in Philadelphia, LA Knight competed in and won his first WrestleMania match when he defeated former WWE Champion AJ Styles.

The reason for that Knight/Styles match is because the two men had been at odds for months going into the match. At Elimination Chamber in Australia, Styles attacked Knight to prevent LA from winning the Chamber match to earn a shot at the World Heavyweight Title. Prior to that, Knight and Styles had issues regarding the WWE Title as well.

During an appearance on the Cheap Heat podcast, LA Knight was asked if he would be disappointed if he never becomes a WWE World Champion.

“If I had millions and millions of dollars to sit on top of, maybe not. But yeah, maybe from an egotistical standpoint, sure. There’s a part of me that would feel maybe somewhat incomplete, especially … after getting to Crown Jewel, being right there and to not have climbed that mountain and reached the top — yeah, I think that’d be a little disappointing.”

The 41-year-old Knight broke out on WWE NXT during the pandemic era, then he nearly got fired as Max Dupri until Triple H took over the creative team and LA Knight has been on fire since then. Knight noted that his age is an issue to some people, but he feels much younger than he is.

“Obviously, at some point, my age became an issue. Apparently I’m old, but somebody forgot to tell me because, as far as I’m concerned, I’m about 26 right now.”

LA Knight Facing AJ Styles In Huge WrestleMania Rematch

There were two triple threat matches on the April 12th post-WrestleMania edition of WWE Smackdown with LA Knight winning one of those matches and AJ Styles winning the other. Those victories set up this week’s Smackdown with Knight facing Styles in singles action. The winner of that match gets a shot at the Undisputed WWE Championship held by Cody Rhodes at Backlash on May 4th.

Two other big matches have been advertised for Smackdown from Pittsburgh including Bayley defending the WWE Women’s Title against Naomi. There will also be a Fatal 4-Way Match to determine the No. 1 Contender’s to SmackDown Tag Team Titles featuring The Street Profits, New Catch Republic, Legado del Fantasma, and Authors of Pain.

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