LA Knight “Digital Exclusive” Segment At Smackdown Teases Babyface Turn (VIDEO)

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LA Knight wasn’t on Smackdown from MSG if you watched the television broadcast, but he was part of a segment for WWE’s digital outlets.

There was some disappointment among WWE fans when LA Knight failed to win the Money in the Bank briefcase last Saturday in London. While Knight was considered the big favorite to win, it was Damian Priest who walked away with the Money in the Bank briefcase.

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If you were hoping to hear how LA Knight would react to that loss on this week’s Smackdown, there’s some disappointing news there too. That’s because Knight didn’t appear on the TV broadcast of Smackdown from MSG.

The good news is that WWE did film a segment with LA Knight in front of New York City fans. It was posted on WWE’s YouTube channel, on Twitter and other places as well.

The Hit Row trio of Top Dolla, Ashante “Thee” Adonis and B-Fab were in the ring doing a promo trashing the New York Knicks of the NBA with the fans booing that. However, that’s when the music of LA Knight and the “megastar” received a huge pop from the crowd.

When Knight got into the ring, he shoved Adonis, but then Dolla and Adonis beat him up a bit. When Dolla wanted a powerslam, Knight slipped out of it and hit a neckbreaker. Knight tossed a charging Adonis out of the ring. Knight hit an elbow drop on Dolla. Knight also hit Blount Force Trauma (BFT) on Adonis to clear the ring. The fans were chanting “LA Knight” after that.

Knight: “Let me talk to ya! New York, I’m going to keep this short and sweet. New York, tell ’em whose game this is.” The fans shouted: “LA Knight…yeah!” Knight posed and that was it.

What’s interesting about this is that Knight beat up the heel group Hit Row, which means Knight was positioned as a babyface. During his WWE main roster run, Knight has been a heel role. However, it’s extremely difficult for WWE to ignore the cheers, so using him as a babyface is likely the right thing to do at this point.