Shawn Michaels Pushed For WWE To Keep LA Knight On Roster

LA Knight

Shawn Michaels has expressed his delight at seeing LA Knight’s success and has admitted he fought to keep The Megastar in WWE.

LA Knight has become of the hottest WWE Superstars with merchandise sales and crowd reactions showcasing just how popular Knight is to fans.

Over the last few months, The Megastar has been receiving some of the biggest cheers on SmackDown, and went into the Men’s Money In The Bank Ladder match as a red-hot favorite for the London crowd.

But it has not all been plain sailing for the former Million Dollar Champion as NXT boss Shawn Michaels has opened up on how he ensured Knight remained in the company.

The HeartBreak Kid was a guest on Busted Open radio ahead of NXT Great American Bash and was asked his thoughts on LA Knight’s popularity.

“I’m thrilled for him. I’ll say this. He’s a guy that is very unique. People will bust his chops for one thing or another. He was great for us.

I don’t want to divulge more than I probably should I guess, but he’s a guy, he’s one of those guys that thinks about it a lot and it gives a lot of thought.

He seems so calm and reserved and cool on the surface, but he’s the guy when you talk to him in private, he’s very passionate about this and he wants to know everything. ‘Is this going okay? Is that going okay?’

“I can remember when he started, we could see that, ‘They like you. We’re going to start moving you in that direction’, and of course, he was very worried because, ‘I haven’t had a good heel run yet.’

I was trying to explain to him, ‘Buddy, they like you. I don’t think that’s a good idea for us to go ahead and fight that. Let’s just go ahead and roll with it. One’s as good as the other and if you sort of get over as a babyface, heck, when you turn, it’ll be that much more heat.’ I am not surprised by it.”

“He’s somebody that when he was here, I will say this. I enjoyed him. I liked him. He’s a grown man. I thought he was going to be a perfect fit for the main roster.

There were times when we were having difficulty down here when it wasn’t always maybe my call on some things, that I had to go to bat for some people and really had to make sure that, you know, I impressed on them, like, ‘My goodness, you don’t want to sleep on these people. You don’t want to lose these people. Let’s keep them around. Trust me on this’.

I’m very thankful that they did because again, LA Knight is a guy that is enjoying that right now, and again, I think the WWE Universe is enjoying LA Knight right now. He’s somebody that I think’s got a great future. I’m excited for him and I’m happy for him.”


With less than a week to go before SummerSlam fans were wondering if WWE would let LA Knight talk to them.

But any questions have now been answered after Adam Pierce added the former Impact World Champion to the card by placing Knight in the Slim Jim Battle Royal.

Knight will be joined in the over the top rope match by Sheamus, but the pair will not be waiting until Saturday to get their hands on each other, as this Friday will see the leader of The Brawling Brutes one-on-one with Knight on SmackDown.

Shawn Michaels meanwhile has called out The Brawling Brutes along with other top WWE Superstars to face off the best NXT has to offer.

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