LA Knight Recalls His Run In With The Undertaker

LA Knight's Reflects On Run In With The Undertaker

The Undertaker’s unparalleled impact and influence have firmly established him as one of the most revered and legendary WWE superstars in history, making it both an intimidating and a privilege for younger pro wrestlers to encounter ‘the phenom’.

Such was the case for charismatic standout LA Knight. Knight, who was named 2023 wrestler of the year by Jim Cornette, had been riding a wave of popularity since 2023. But the WWE has been criticised since due to failing to capitalise on the brash character’s unexpected rise to fame. Previously known under the moniker Eli Drake when he appeared in Impact, it was during this time that he experienced an unexpected moment with The Undertaker.

Interactive Wrestling Radio spoke to Drake whilst he was appearing at the Shot Show convention. Drake said of the event…

“It has been interesting! It has been different. I’ve never been to a convention like that. You get to see some artillery, that is for sure. I’m not the biggest gun enthusiast, I’ll tell you that. But, I love the shotgun. It is an exhilarating feeling. But, when I saw a grenade launcher – That was pretty wild! It was a cool time. You run into some interesting characters there as well.”

It was actually Undertaker who approached the former Impact World Champion during the festivities.

“That was just random happenstance. He was just there! Goldberg was there in attendance. I didn’t know he (Undertaker) was going to be there today. He came over and said, “Oh I didn’t know wrestlers were going to be here today”, and introduced himself. We took a picture and he went on his way.”

LA Knight has appeared in television programmes such as Brooklyn Nine-Nine and has performed motion capture for many of the WWE 2K games.

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