LA Knight Reacts To Tragic Death Of Bray Wyatt

LA Knight Bray Wyatt

La Knight has joined the thousands who have paid tribute to Bray Wyatt.

The final opponent of Wyatt in WWE has taken to social media to post a screenshot from an episode of SmackDown where they stood face-to-face in a backstage segment:

Knight would be the only person to face Wyatt in a televised match following the return of the former World Champion to the company. The match in question was the Mountain Dew Pitch Black Match at the Royal Rumble, which Wyatt was victorious in.

Knight and Wyatt would also face off in multiple matches on dark segments and house shows, with Wyatt being victorious on every occasion. Wyatt’s only other opponent following the return was Jinder Mahal, who Wyatt defeated during house shows that took place throughout December. Prior to the tragic news breaking of Wyatt’s death, Knight would state that he felt that the Wyatt feud put him on the map and was the catalyst for the increase in popularity.

LA Knight Acknowledges The Passing Of Bray Wyatt

The tragic news of Wyatt’s death was announced on Thursday, August 26th, with Triple H being the first to break the news. The former Universal Champion was only 36 years old when he passed away.

Following the tragic news, the wrestling world has taken to social media en masse to post their memories of Wyatt and provide touching stories as to what a great person the man behind the character was. WWE has also provided an in-memoriam statement for the former World Champion.

Expanding to the wider wrestling world, AEW has also posted their tribute to Windham Rotunda.