LA Knight Reveals Real Reaction To WWE Dropping Max Dupri Character

Max Dupri with Maximum Male Models

LA Knight has given his honest thoughts on WWE’s decision to drop his Max Dupri character.

When LA Knight was called up to the main roster in 2022, he was given a massive character change, becoming ‘Max Dupri,’ manager of the Maximum Male Models group. However, the change was short-lived and by that October, he had reverted to the LA Knight persona that is now beloved by fans.

During a recent interview with The Metro, Knight revealed his excitement at being told he would be going back to his old gimmick, admitting that he had no idea what Max Dupri was meant to be.

“My reaction was ‘F Yeah’, immediately. Let’s make that happen. Because I don’t know who or what the hell Max Dupri is!”

Knight believes that given enough time he would have been able to do something with the Dupri character, but as things stood, it wasn’t for him.

“Now, look, given the time, could I have done that? Could I have made it work? I’m sure I could have. Now, would it have ever been anything like we’re doing right now? No. Because at the end of the day, that wasn’t me. It wasn’t for me.”

Knight touched on the reasons for the character change, citing “administrative changes” behind the scenes, likely referring to Triple H taking over creative control of WWE from Vince McMahon.

“You know, I don’t know all the details. But I think there were some administrative changes somewhere or other, I don’t know exactly what happened. Some things happened. People got moved around and things happen, you know?”

LA Knight Makes The Most Of His TV Time

Since dropping the Max Dupri character, Knight has gone from strength to strength and is now one of the most popular stars in WWE today. He puts at least part of this down to making the most of every second of time he is given on TV to make an impression.

“Just the fact that I could go out there and make the most of my time. ‘Hey, you got 30 seconds to go talk about this.’, ‘Cool! Well, that’s gonna be the best damn 30 seconds of the show!’

“‘Alright, you got two minutes go to this.’, ‘Great, that’s gonna be the best damn two minutes of this show.’ And if anybody wants to argue it cool, but the proof is gonna be in the pudding.”

In the past, LA Knight has opened up about being seen as an overnight success in WWE even though he has already been in the wrestling business for 20 years.