LA Knight Lifts Lid On WWE Drug Testing

LA Knight WWE

WWE’s drug-testing policy has been well documented over the years but now LA Knight has given an insight into how it works in 2024.

WWE is heading to Australia for a huge show in 2024 as the company brings the Elimination Chamber down under for the very first time.

In the lead-up to that event in Optus Stadium, several WWE stars have been heading to the country to promote Elimination Chamber, and this time it was up to LA Knight and Aussie native Grayson Waller as they appeared on The Kyle & Jackie O Show.

LA Knight Comments On WWE Drug Tests

The pair were discussing the injuries that come with their profession when one of the hosts asked if there were shortcuts they could take, specifically using the phrase “roid it up.” Waller joked that he wished he could cheat in that way but LA Knight explained just how often WWE stars are drug tested:

Yeah, because that would actually make recovery easy but, no, every month we get tested. Every single month.

Steroid use has never been more under the spotlight in wrestling than it was in the early nineties when Vince McMahon was taken to trial by the US Government in what became known as the “steroid trial.” McMahon was accused of supplying illegal steroids to WWE stars but ultimately he was acquitted on all counts on July 23rd, 1994.

In 2006, following the tragic death of Eddie Guerrero and worries about drug use, WWE introduced what we now know as the Wellness Program. The policy has had its critics over the years over the validity of it but several WWE stars have been suspended by the company since its implementation after failing drug tests.

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