Kurt Angle On Possible Partnership With WWE Star – “We’d Be Unstoppable”

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Kurt Angle is retired as a wrestler, but he did react to the suggestion that he possibly teams up with a current WWE star that has skills similar to his.

The legendary WWE & TNA Hall of Famer Kurt Angle had an incredible career as a pro wrestler that came after winning the Olympic Gold Medal for freestyle wrestling in the 1996 Summer Olympics.

After Angle won that Olympic Gold Medal (with a “broken freakin’ neck”), he would go on to WWE for an incredible run from late 1999 until he left in 2006. From there he was off to TNA for a decade-long run before retiring in WWE at WrestleMania 35 in 2019.

Since retiring as a wrestler, the 54-year-old Kurt Angle keeps busy as a married father of five, a podcast host, he makes public appearances regularly and occasionally shows up on WWE TV sometimes too.

During a recent “Ask Kurt Anything” edition of the Kurt Angle Show podcast, Angle was asked about if he would be a heel duo with former WWE Tag Team Champion Chad Gable, who is also a former Olympian. While Angle loved the fantasy booking idea, he isn’t confident he could be a heel if he came back to WWE.

“I would love to be a heel with Chad Gable. He’s so entertaining. The two of us together would be unstoppable. But, I’m sorry to say — if I ever came back to wrestle, I don’t know if I’d be a heel.”

“It’d be really difficult for me because of the career I have and the age I am. When you get older, people start having sympathy for you and they wanna cheer you on, they want you to win and it’s really hard to turn heel later on in your career.”

“Like Undertaker, look at him. He has so much respect. He’s been in the company for 30 years and all his accomplishments. You know how hard it would be for Undertaker to be a heel right now? It’s almost impossible and I think I’m comparable to that.”

Also on his podcast, Angle talked about how he is doing after recent back surgery while noting he’s probably going to have neck surgery next year.

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