Kurt Angle Says WWE Hall Of Famer Was A “Huge Asset” In TNA

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Kurt Angle has named a WWE Hall of Famer that was a huge asset while he was in TNA Wrestling.

When Kurt Angle made the jump to TNA Wrestling in 2006 after moving on from WWE due to drug issues/wanting a lighter schedule, he made a big impact (pun intended) as the biggest star in the company.

There were some other notable ex-WWE guys in TNA like Christian Cage (he was there before Angle) while other former World Champions such as Sting, Kevin Nash, Booker T, Jeff Hardy and Rob Van Dam spent time in TNA as well. Hulk Hogan worked there as well.

For some fans, it made TNA feel less interesting to see so many WWE guys mixing it up with TNA Originals. For the wrestlers, though, it was a place to work, appear on national television (Spike TV at the time) and have some meaningful pay-per-view matches as well. The audience wasn’t as big as WWE, but they were doing fairly in the late 2000s into the early 2010s.

Mick Foley, a WWE Hall of Famer that was a three-time WWE Champion, signed with TNA in September 2008 and had a three-year run in the company that included wrestling some matches too.

During a recent episode of The Kurt Angle Show podcast, The Olympic Gold Medallist spoke about Foley joining TNA in 2008.

“That was awesome. I mean, Mick is such a credential to the company. He’s a huge asset. I would consider him, even though he wasn’t working as much at this point in time, I would consider him about as valuable as me, coming to that company. I really do. I don’t know if I’m putting him over or myself.”

Kurt Angle would go on to put over the entertainment value that Mick Foley brought to TNA while he was there.

“Mick was so entertaining. He was really funny on the microphone. He didn’t work as much, he didn’t wrestle in the ring quite as much. He did every once in a while. But he was a huge asset to the company, and having someone like him involved in the company was a big deal.”

While in TNA, Mick Foley held the company’s World Heavyweight Title and Legends Championship as well.

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