Kurt Angle Thinks WWE Took Advantage Of Hall Of Famer For Being “Too Nice”

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Kurt Angle thinks one particular WWE Hall of Famer, who had a noted reputation for being friendly, easygoing, and happy to do whatever was asked of him, suffered for not putting his foot down.

Glenn Jacobs, known in WWE as Kane, is one of the most revered and admired superstars of the past thirty years. Many people look back at his career and biggest moments with fond nostalgia.

One need only read comments on one of many highlight or “biggest moments” video online to see how many people want to remember Kane when he was at his best and not the more questionable things that followed.

Kane’s career was filled with ups and downs, especially beginning in 2002 with the infamous Katie Vick angle. Over the years, Kane was involved in some of the most pilloried feuds, angles, and segments in WWE history.

Some fans have wondered why Kane was so willing to go along with so many bad ideas, especially when so many of his peers were noted for turning down ideas that may have affected their careers.

Speaking on his Kurt Angle Show podcast, Angle provided some insight into why Kane’s career included so many bad spots. According to Angle, it was because Kane was “too nice” and as such, people in the company took advantage of him because they knew he wouldn’t rock the boat.

“He was a really nice guy. You can’t say a bad thing about him. Nobody could. He was like the perfect employee. He never got in trouble or anything. He did everything he was told to do. He worked his ass off. I think he was a little too nice. The company kind of took advantage of him. He had a lot more losses than he did wins, and he was a dominant character.”

Kurt Angle and Kane had many matches together, both as opponents and as partners. However, most of those matches were confined to a short window between the start of 2000 and the end of 2002, as the two men rarely crossed paths thereafter.

h/t Fightful for the transcription