Kurt Angle – “If WWE Erase Chris Benoit’s Career, They’re Erasing A Lot Of My Career”

Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle has commented on WWE airbrushing Chris Benoit out of history and why he feels unsettled about it.

Chris Benoit has not been mentioned on WWE television – and is unlikely to ever be again – after he killed his wife and son over a tragic June weekend in 2007. Many are supportive of WWE’s decision to simply ignore Benoit’s legacy but Kurt Angle, who shared the ring with Benoit on many occasions, has a different point of view.

On a “Ask Kurt Anything” episode of The Kurt Angle Show, Angle was asked if he was involved in picking the matches that were part of a DVD collection released by WWE to showcase his best work. Angle revealed that WWE picked the bouts and he believes they missed some of his very best work because of one particular opponent:

“I didn’t have the opportunity to pick the matches, WWE did that for me and I thought they did a pretty good job but they skipped a lot of great matches I had, especially my matches with Chris Benoit.

“Now five of my best ten matches were with Chris but obviously they want to keep him under wraps and it’s unfortunate. The thing is, if they (WWE) erase Chris Benoit’s career, they’re erasing a lot of my career. And that’s where I get a little bit unsettled about it. I understand why they did it but what the other wrestlers that competed against Chris? You’re taking those matches away and you’re just not mentioning the name Chris Benoit. Any time we have any videos that surface on WWE television, you’re never gonna see Chris.”

Kurt Angle also recently discussed his recovery from recent surgery and what he has planned next.

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