Kurt Angle Wanted To Be A Part Of WWE Attitude Era Faction

Kurt Angle WWE

Kurt Angle would have loved to be in DX at the height of the group’s popularity.

It is hard imagining the wrestler who lived by the motto of intensity, integrity and intelligence being part of a faction that is the complete opposite, but the Olympic Hero chose DX as his choice of Attitude Era group to be a part of.

During The Kurt Angle Show, the Hall of Famer was pitched the question that if given the opportunity, would he prefer to be in D-Generation X or the New World Order. Angle made his choice in the hypothetical scenario, choosing the Triple H-led group over the Hulk Hogan one:

“You know what, [DX and the NWO] are the biggest and best factions I’ve ever seen. When I started watching wrestling in 1998, they were big. NWO was big in WCW. DX was huge in WWE. And I wanted to be a member of DX.”

Angle would expand on his decision to choose D-Generation X over the New World Order, fearing that he would get lost in the shuffle in the WCW group:

“The reason why I pick DX over NWO is because they had less members. They only had like four or five. NWO … by 1998, 1999 they had like 500 members. There was NWO Red, NWO Black, there was the LWO. It just got out of hand. When that happened, it wasn’t as special anymore.”

While missing out on the opportunity in The Attitude Era, Angle got his wish in January 2023. Revealing he always wanted to be in DX, The former World Champion stood alongside the group during the 30th-anniversary episode of Raw, and was made an honorary DX member.

What Is Kurt Angle’s Best WWE Match?

Often regarded as one of the best in-ring workers of all time, Angle had multiple show-stealing performances despite infamously never receiving a five-star rating from Dave Meltzer. Some of the greatest matches from the career of the Olympic Gold Medalist include the WrestleMania 20 match against Eddie Guerrero, the show-stealing WrestleMania 21 match against Shawn Michaels and the violent Street Fight against Shane McMahon at King of the Ring 2001.

Angle departed WWE to sign with TNA in 2006, returning to WWE in 2017. Had Angle not left for TNA, he believes he could be considered the greatest wrestler of all time.

H/t to Wrestling Inc.