Kurt Angle Puts Time Limit On Roman Reigns’ WWE Career

Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns has been the most dominant champion in WWE in well over 30 years but Kurt Angle thinks that within the next five, The Tribal Chief will have pro wrestling in his rearview mirror.

Reigns has held onto the Universal Title for over 1,000 days becoming the first man since Hulk Hogan to achieve that feat in WWE. The Tribal Chief is only a few short weeks away from overtaking Pedro Morales on the all-time longest reigns list, embarking on territory that few would have dreamt possible in this day and age.

But the greater success Roman Reigns has found in WWE, the less Reigns has to compete in the ring with his appearances limited to only the bigger shows. And Kurt Angle thinks that those appearances could be even fewer in the future.

Speaking on The Kurt Angle Show, the WWE Hall of Famer noted that he expects Roman Reigns to follow in his cousin The Rock’s footsteps and trade the squared circle in for the silver screen, and says it will happen sooner than most fans might want or expect:

“Roman Reigns is not going to be in the company in the next five years. That kid is going to be a huge movie star. It’s going to happen. It is. There’s no doubt. He’s got an incredible look, he’s talented, he’s smart. The kid’s going to be a movie star.”

Reigns is currently in the middle of something of a blockbuster saga in WWE as it is after Jimmy Uso turned on him at Night of Champions as The Bloodline starts to collapse.

h/t Wrestling Inc.