Kurt Angle “Surprised” Dave Meltzer Never Gave Him A 5 Star Match

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Kurt Angle is surprised that he has never been awarded a five-star match by Dave Meltzer.

The Olympic Gold Medallist is widely regarded as one of the best wrestlers to ever grace the squared circle and has had classic matches in promotions all around the world as well as winning numerous World Championships. However, one accolade that always eluded him was a five-star rating for the Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer.

During an appearance on Chris Van Vliet’s Insight podcast, Angle addressed the omission, questioning whether Meltzer just doesn’t like his style.

“I don’t know if Dave likes me or not or what’s going on. But you know what, it’s his opinion, I will respect that. I do understand. He’s very knowledgeable with wrestling.

“Maybe he just doesn’t like my style. I don’t know. But it’s unfortunate that I don’t have a five-star match from him considering that people take his word as valuable.

“You know, they look at him and say, ‘Okay, this is the guy that rates the matches, and he’s pretty accurate with it.’

“So you know, I just, I don’t know what to say, I’m really surprised. I haven’t had one five-star match. But, you know, that’s his opinion. And I have to respect that.”

When asked if it bothered him, Angle said it didn’t as it’s just one opinion, although he does have respect for Meltzer.

“No, no, because it’s only one person’s opinion. I do have somewhat of a respect for Meltzer because of all the years he’s put in, so I would love to have a five-star match rating, but, you know, he just didn’t feel that I did, and like I said before, it’s his opinion.”

Kurt Angle “sometimes regrets” not retiring sooner

Although his Hall of Famer career is seen as one of the best in pro wrestling history, it came at a heavy price for Kurt Angle.

During the same interview, he admitted that his quality of life “isn’t so good” because of the numerous surgeries he’s needed over the years. In fact, the star says he sometimes wishes he had hung up his boots five years before he did.

“I really paid the price wrestling as long as I did. I wrestled amateur wrestling for 20 years and then pro for 20. And looking back, sometimes I regret maybe I should have retired five years earlier.”

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