Kurt Angle Reveals Touching Gift Cody Rhodes Gave To His Son

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Kurt Angle received an unexpected surprise from Cody Rhodes after their match in 2016.

By 2016, Kurt Angle was down to his last matches. Years of wear-and-tear had taken their toll and he could no longer wrestle at his absolute best. But he could still wrestle in general, which is why he south and obtained TNA’s blessing to wrestle elsewhere while still under contract.

That allowed Kurt to have some dream matches, some new and some repeats of previous matches. Among those special matches was a trilogy against Cody Rhodes, with two matches taking place with independent promotion Northeast Wrestling and the other with Defiant Wrestling in the UK.

Angle considered these matches special, but so too did Cody. In fact, Cody considered them so special that he had something special made just for them, which he later gifted to Kurt’s son.

On a recent episode of his Kurt Angle Show podcast, Kurt explained how Cody had special boots made for his matches with Kurt, which he then gifted to Kurt for his son, Kody.

“That was the first time I met him. Very respectful. Reminded me a lot of his brother Dustin. Both of those guys are incredible human beings, both very talented in the ring. I honestly don’t know who is better than the other, they’re both extremely talented.

If you didn’t notice, his boots said, Cody Angle. One had Cody on it and the other had Angle on it. What he did is that he made that specifically for me to wrestle me. And not only that, but he gave them to me to give to my son, Kody. There was meaning to it. Cody Rhodes versus Kurt Angle and Kody Angle.

It was really cool that he did that. They were $600 boots and he’s like, here you go. That’s why I did the job. The whole thing was, listen, I had nothing else to prove in my career, you know, these guys are up and coming, I wanted to help them out.”

Kurt Angle also discussed wrestling Zack Sabre, Jr. during the same period and doing some marketing/promotion for TNA while working these independent shows.

h/t Wrestling Headlines for the transcription