Kurt Angle Reacts To Mick Foley Performing “Sexy Kurt” Song (VIDEO)

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Mick Foley performed a classic rendition of a Kurt Angle song recently that the Olympic Gold Medalist shared on social media.

It was back in 2005 when Kurt Angle was feuding with Shawn Michaels ahead of their WrestleMania 21 dream match. The feud started when they interacted in the 2005 Royal Rumble with Michaels eliminating Angle, so Angle attacked Michaels after the elimination and that would set up their WrestleMania match.

During the build to WrestleMania 21, Angle had a segment on Smackdown with fellow WWE Hall of Famer, the late, great “Sensational” Sherri Martel. When Michaels first went heel in 1992, Sherri was his manager and even sang his classic “Sexy Boy” theme song.

Since Kurt Angle was the heel going into the match against Michaels, Angle decided to mock his WrestleMania opponent by singing his own version of Shawn’s theme song except Kurt called it “Sexy Kurt.”

The lyrics went something like this:

“I think I’m cute, I got gold medals
I’ve got the moves, that makes ’em all tap out
The Angle Slam, the Ankle Lock
Marty Jannetty still can’t walk”

“I’m just a sexy Kurt (sexy Kurt)
I’ll make your ankle hurt (ankle hurt)
I’m just a sexy Kurt (sexy Kurt)
I’ll make your ankle hurt (ankle hurt)”

That’s right Shawn, eat your heart out
Hands off the merchandise

The fact that Angle willingly sang such a goofy, yet memorable, song like that is an example of why he’s such a revered pro wrestler even though he’s also a legitimately tough guy as an Olympic Gold Medalist.

Another legendary wrestler known for having a big sense of humor is fellow WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley, who will do just about anything for a laugh.

Recently, Kurt Angle shared a video of Foley performing the classic “Sexy Kurt” while another WWE Hall of Famer Lita was on hand. As you can see below, Angle laughed at the performance while telling his good friend Foley that he nailed the performance. Have a nice day!