Kurt Angle Talks Potentially Wrestling One More Match

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Kurt Angle retired from wrestling in 2019 and while he hasn’t completely shut the door of one more match, he admits: “I’m good.”

During his WWE career that started on television at Survivor Series 1999, Kurt Angle would quickly become a main event level performer that won his first WWE Championship in less than a year when he beat The Rock for the WWE Championship at No Mercy 2000. During his seven-year run in WWE, Angle became recognized as one of the best WWE superstars ever.

Angle would move on to TNA Wrestling in 2006 in part because of a falling out with former WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, who was concerned about Angle due to an addiction to pain pills among other things. Angle spent over a decade in TNA before returning to WWE for a few more matches before calling it a career. Angle was inducted in both the WWE and TNA/Impact Hall of Fames.

Kurt Angle recently was interviewed by Sportskeeda Wrestling, who asked if the Olympic Gold Medallist was interested in having one more match similar to Ric Flair back in July and Ricky Steamboat last weekend as well.

“I don’t think so. I had knee replacements five months ago. I’m good. I think I had a good enough career that I’m very proud of. If it does come to be, it’ll probably be a tag match like Ric Flair did so that I don’t get exposed. I hate to say it, but I’m not exactly the same wrestler I used to be.”

While he shot down the possibility of doing a singles match, Angle did say he may do a tag team match some day down the road.

“If I did decide to have a wrestling match, it would be against younger guys that could carry me, and I would make sure it’d be a tag match so I wasn’t exposed. It’s hard to say this right now because I’m basically telling the fans, ‘Hey, I can’t really wrestle anymore, but watch me in my next match.’ But I’m just telling the truth. I’m an honest person. I’m just saying, I’m not like I used to be and never will be, but you know what, maybe down the road, I might do a tag match.”

WWE fans won’t have to wait too long to see Kurt Angle again because he’ll be on the December 9th edition of Smackdown in his hometown of Pittsburgh to celebrate his 54th birthday.

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