Kurt Angle Names Three Greatest Wrestlers He Competed Against

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Kurt Angle has revealed the top three opponents of his legendary in-ring career.

The former WWE, WCW and TNA Champion shared the ring with the likes of Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock and The Undertaker during the healthiest years of his career.

The Olympic Gold Medalist and WWE Hall Of Famer, however, has perhaps surprisingly opted to omit all three of those legends from his top three favourite opponents of all-time.

Speaking on a recent addition of The Kurt Angle Show, the WWE Hall Of Famer revealed that Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit and Shawn Michaels were the men at the top of his list:

“Top three. I don’t know what order, but Benoit, Shawn Michaels and Eddie Guerrero are three favourites to work with, without a doubt. All three of them.

What’s crazy is they were all smaller. They weren’t big guys. They weren’t supposed to excel in professional wrestling because of how size mattered back then. But these guys did it.

Eddie was five foot eight. Chris Benoit was five foot eight, and Shawn Michaels was a little taller. He was six foot, but he weighed about 190. But these guys were undersized and they were still one of the best.”

Kurt Angle Outlines Immediate Chemistry With Guerrero

The Pittsburgh, Pennyslvania native also reflected upon his immediate in-ring chemistry with Guerrero when discussing his bout with ‘Latino Heat’ on the October 31st 2002 edition of SmackDown:

“You know what? This is one of the first times I worked with Eddie and apparently, we had great chemistry from the get-go.

I mean the thing is, Eddie wasn’t the kind of guy that earlier in the day if you never wrestled him, he didn’t want to get in the ring and roll around with you.

He just wanted to get in there when the show started and do his thing. And what’s amazing about Eddie is I’ve never seen him have bad chemistry with anybody.”

H/T: 411Mania for the above transcription