Kurt Angle Reveals Hilarious Medal Prank Played On Him During His WWE Career

Kurt Angle

Early in Kurt Angle’s WWE career, he was so obnoxiously positive about his achievements in his amateur career that the fans of the Attitude Era hated him.

Kurt Angle spoke up his achievements and wasn’t shy about showing off his Olympic gold medal, and Vince McMahon wanted to see his latest star with even more gold around his neck.

Speaking to WWE Hall of Famers Gerald Brisco and JBL on Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw, Kurt Angle revealed that Vince McMahon wanted him to wear as many gold medals as he could get his hands on to get his character over:

“Vince McMahon tells me, ‘Listen, I want you to have as many gold medals as you can. Go home and find all the gold medals you one when you were a kid, even the little ones! I want you to wear these when you’re at the arena. I want you to wear them all day long.'”

This is when Gerald Brisco took his chance to have some fun with the Olympic champion by pointing out that everywhere really did mean everywhere:

“He says, ‘Hey, Vince wants you to wear those everywhere.’ I said, ‘What do you mean [by] everywhere?’ He goes, ‘Outside! When you go home, wear the medals! Stay in character! When you check in at the airport, have your gold medals on! When you go to a restaurant, have your gold medals on! He wants you to be in character all the time.'”

A week went past before McMahon saw Angle in all his medals and asked what was going on before Angle explained what he had been told. McMahon then put him out of his misery:

“‘Jerry’s an a**hole!’ You only have to wear them at the arena!”

Kurt Angle might have regretted falling for Brisco’s trick but he also recently explained a more serious moment from his early career that he really regrets.

h/t Wrestling Inc.