Kurt Angle Recalls Horrific Injury During WWE Rookie Year

Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle has explained what went wrong during a match from his first year in WWE.

After making his WWE debut at Survivor Series in November 1999, Olympic gold medallist Kurt Angle quickly made a lot of progress. Angle became an Intercontinental and European Champion going into WrestleMania 2000 while also wrestling some of the biggest names in the company.

As Angle’s rookie year continued, he had a match with “Hardcore” (Bob) Holly on the June 29th, 2000 episode of Smackdown. That was back when Smackdown was taped two days earlier.

During the match, Angle went up top and did a moonsault to Holly, which saw Angle break Holly’s left arm with his shin. Holly still competed after that, but they had to improvise a finish with Angle hitting a low blow and Olympic Slam to win.

While speaking on the Kurt Angle Show podcast, Kurt talked about the moonsault on Holly.

“The first time I ever did it, I got up there and I was like, ‘This is not good. I actually broke Bob Holly’s arm, broke it right in half. I ended up coming short and my shins hit his arm. He had a compound fracture, his arm was hanging.”

What Did Kurt Angle Do After Hardcore Holly’s Injury?

As he continued, Angle revealed that he accompanied Holly to the hospital that night and checked on him regularly.

“It was a nightmare of a match. I felt so badly that I ended up going to the hospital with Bob. I ended up taking him back to his hotel room. I called him every day [and] made sure he was okay. I was doing everything I could to be so sincere to him because I felt so badly about breaking his arm.”

In other news regarding the Olympic Hero, Kurt Angle will be one of the subjects on the next season of Dark Side of the Ring due to his controversial past.

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