Kurt Angle Identifies Short-Lived WWE Faction’s Potential Greatness: “We Had Something Special”

Kurt Angle Identifies Short-Lived WWE Faction's Potential Greatness:

Kurt Angle delved into his reflections on Team Angle, a once-promising faction that included himself, Shelton Benjamin, and Charlie Haas. Angle expressed a firm belief that Team Angle possessed the ingredients to emerge as one of the most formidable factions in WWE.

The formation of Team Angle in late 2002 marked a period of early triumph for the stable. Angle, at the helm, secured the prestigious WWE Championship, while Haas and Benjamin clinched the WWE Tag Team Championships. However, the group’s ascent was abruptly halted in June 2003, a mere six months after its inception, leaving Angle and Benjamin with a lingering sense of unfulfilled potential.

Angle, shedding light on the disbandment during an episode of The Kurt Angle Show, shouldered the blame for the breakup, attributing it to his own neck injury. He revealed:

It was my fault, I broke my neck, and when I came back, they were like ‘Hey, we need to change stuff up. We’re going to have you face Charlie and Shelton.’

The WWE Hall of Famer expressed remorse over the premature dissolution, emphasising the exceptional synergy within the faction, stating:

We could’ve been one of the greatest factions in history. We had something special, we had something really cool going on. And it just sucks that I got injured, and that’s the reason why.

Benjamin echoed Angle’s sentiments, lamenting the untimely end of Team Angle and underscoring their collective prowess. He acknowledged the disappointment surrounding their breakup and highlighted the missed opportunity to continue learning under Angle’s mentorship. Although the exact decision-maker behind the disbandment remains uncertain, both Angle and Benjamin unanimously agreed that the dissolution occurred prematurely, leaving behind a poignant sense of unrealised potential.

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