Kurt Angle Having Surgery For Back Pain

Kurt Angle throwing milk

Kurt Angle has detailed the process of his next surgery to help deal with back pain.

During his career as an amateur wrestler and pro wrestler that ended in 2019, Kurt Angle was known as a guy that competed while dealing with a lot of pain.

After all, everybody knows about his 1996 Olympic Gold Medal win in freestyle win when he won with a broken neck. During his pro wrestling career, Angle often bragged about winning a gold medal with a “broken freakin’ neck” that the fans even chanted along with him when he said it.

When Angle got to WWE in 1999, he dealt with more injuries including multiple neck injuries that required another surgery for a broken neck in 2003. There were other incidents too.

In 2022, Angle had double knee surgery and that clearly helped him because when he was on WWE TV since then, he was moving around a lot better.

Recently on his Kurt Angle Show podcast available on, the WWE & TNA Hall of Famer said he’s getting a back procedure done on March 21st.

“They’re not going to do any fusion or anything like that, thank God. They’re going to clean it out. They’re going to clean all the arthritis out because I have a nerve going down my leg and it’s bothering me. There’s pain in my lower back.”

“So, they’re going to clean all that stuff out, take the bone chips out, the calcium and stuff like that. He said I should be good to go after that. He said it might not relieve all the lower back pain, but you’re not going to feel the pain running down your leg.”

Best wishes to Kurt Angle on his upcoming operation.

H/T WrestlingNewsco