Kurt Angle Names His Favorite Royal Rumble Match

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Kurt Angle has named his favorite Royal Rumble match that he competed in.

During his WWE career from late 1999 to the summer of 2006, Kurt Angle was featured in some singles matches at Royal Rumble events, but he also competed in the Royal Rumble match as well.

In 2005, Angle had a memorable Royal Rumble moment when Shawn Michaels eliminated him from the match. Moments later, Angle went back into the ring to attack Michaels. That would set up their WrestleMania 21 dream match that lived up to the immense hype.

When asked about his favorite match at a Royal Rumble on his Kurt Angle Show podcast, the Olympic gold medallist went with his 2003 match.

“Benoit 2003 Royal Rumble for the WWE Title. “

However, when asked about a Rumble match that Angle was part of, he went back one year earlier to 2002 when Triple H won the Rumble while Angle was the runner up.

“But my favorite Rumble match, I remember when I was in it, and I believe it was in Madison Square Garden. I think it was 2002. Triple H and I were the last two in the ring, and I remember losing Triple H, and I believe he just came back from injury. And this was like his big moment.”

“And, obviously, I never had a Royal Rumble moment where I won the Royal Rumble. But, you know, taking second to triple H and being a part of that feel-good night because the fans went absolutely crazy. It was really cool.”

When Was Kurt Angle’s Last WWE Royal Rumble?

In Angle’s last year as a pro wrestler in 2019, he was also in that year’s Royal Rumble. Angle was the third man in and only lasted 3:15 in the match when Shinsuke Nakamura eliminated him. Angle would go on to retire after losing to Baron Corbin at WrestleMania 35 also in 2019.