Kurt Angle Jokes Ex-WWE Star Would Have Beaten Up CM Punk

CM Punk

Kurt Angle believes the outspoken CM Punk may have gotten into hot water backstage during the Attitude Era.

WWE Hall Of Famer Angle was a key part of the famed period believed by many to be the best in wrestling history. Punk’s main roster arrival in June 2006 came mid-way through what became known as the Ruthless Aggression Era and he and Angle never met in the squared circle before the Pittsburgh native departed from the company in August of that year.

Speaking on a recent edition of ‘The Kurt Angle Show‘, the former WWE Champion joked that Punk’s outspoken nature may not have been well received in the locker room during the famed Attitude Era, citing Bob Holly as a competitor that may have taken issue with the Chicago native:

“Yeah, I think he would have fared well. He might have gotten beat up by Bob Holly!”

Angle did, however, praise Punk’s talent and suggested he would have been a welcome addition to the roster during that period:

“Punk has a little bit of a reputation of not agreeing with everything. You know, but I will tell you this. He’s very talented and cuts incredible promos. I think he would have done really well in the Attitude Era.”

Kurt Angle Believes CM Punk Return Is Huge For WWE

Punk shocked the wrestling world when returning to WWE at Survivor Series 2023 and the Olympic Gold medallist believes that the move will be a positive one for both Punk and WWE if the former Money In The Bank winner can avoid backstage issues:

“It’s great news. I’m really surprised he’s back. I will say this, if he keeps his nose clean and doesn’t ruffle any feathers, he’s gonna have a great time there. He’s gonna really be huge for the company.

We know that CM Punk can sometimes get himself in trouble. Hopefully, he won’t. I think that he’s going to do really well for the company and that’s a big deal for the company right now to have him back.”

H/T: Fightful for the above transcription