Kota Ibushi Hopes To Be In Contact With Tony Khan “Soon”

Kota Ibushi

Many want to become All Elite, but Kota Ibushi has been talking to one AEW star and hopes to talk to head honcho Tony Khan very soon.

After suffering an injury during a match with ‘The Rainmaker’ Kazuchika Okada, Kota Ibushi’s contract with NJPW expired and he was a free agent upon his return to action. That took place over WrestleMania weekend this year, when he competed against ‘Speedball’ Mike Bailey as part of GCW Bloodsport before having a match with Joey Janela at Janela’s own event.

In a discussion on his vlog, Ibushi talked about how the Bloodsport match didn’t feel like his return, but he felt the buzz again after the second contest.

Honestly, was that really my return match? The first day felt like a sparring match in a Wrestling dojo. A shoot-style match, you could say. That’s how it felt like. The fans enjoyed themselves, but I didn’t have that sensation on my end. That’s why the first day didn’t feel like my return. It only hit me when I went backstage. ‘Oh, I’m finally back. But there is also a match tomorrow. I know it will come tomorrow. So I’ll prepare for tomorrow,’ and turned my mental switch.

I felt overjoyed after my second match. This one really felt like I made my return. A wrestling match with a proper 3 count. Those kinds of cheers. The cheers when something is reversed or the cheers when you kick out at one. This is Pro Wrestling. I felt like I was doing Pro Wrestling.

That sensation I felt that I finally return to Pro Wrestling only set in on the second day. That was it. I did Wrestling. In a sense, I’m active on the forefront again. I could still perform and stamina wasn’t an issue. I didn’t feel like I was going to lose either. Sure, I felt like I had some lost time, but nothing bad happened nor any mistakes.

It would certainly seem Kota Ibushi has some big plans for his future as he reealed to Dark Puroresu Flow that he hopes to speak to Tony Khan soon and has been in touch with Kenny Omega.

Recently, Kenny and I have been talking about things other than games. For example, are your knees okay? Or is your shoulder okay? Also I hope to be in contact with Tony soon.

Kota Ibushi had also commented earlier this month that he feel his style would suit AEW better than it does Japan.

With thanks to Fightful for the initial transcription.