Konnan Recalls WCW Star “Taking Liberties” With Mexican Talent

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Wrestling legend Konnan claims that a WCW star took advantage when working with pro wrestlers from Mexico.

Konnan rose to mainstream fame during his time in WCW and was heavily influential in the likes of Rey Mysterio joining the company.

With a legacy that includes being a member of the NWO and The Filthy Animals, Konnan won the World Television, United States, and Tag Team Championships.

But now, Konnan has opened up on how during his WCW days, some of his colleagues took advantage and how this meant he had to stand up for himself and his colleagues.

On the latest episode of his podcast Keepin’ It 100 with Konnan and Disco, the former United States Champion detailed how Chris Adams was “taking liberties” with Mexican talent.

“I do remember that he (Chris Adams) was taking liberties with them and you know, they were just learning the style and they really didn’t know what’s going on. I went in there and I think I stiffed him a couple of times.

You’d have to watch the match. I didn’t have many with Chris Adams and see what happened, but I do remember at the end he did tell me in the dressing what was my problem? I said, ‘The same problem you have with these guys. You’re fu**ing taking liberties on them, so what’s up?’

There was another time where I almost fought one of the Armstrongs. I don’t know which if it was Scott or the other guy because they were also, I thought, taking liberties on the Mexican wrestlers and I believe maybe Robbie Brookside was part of that whole thing because I remember getting in his face and Regal was super mad, but that’s how it was back then.

I mean, people always taking liberties on other people and you had to stand up for yourself, so that’s how it was.”

Chris Adams was rumored to be joining William Regal in The Blue Bloods faction during his WCW stint, but although sharing matches with legends including Randy Savage, Adams never gained much success and left the company in 1999.

Adams life outside the ring ended in tragedy when he was shot and killed in self-defense on October 7th 2001.

Konnan and Rey Mysterio lifted the WCW Tag Team Championship together, and Konnan has recently discussed their outside of wrestling friendship.

Konnan is godfather to Dominik Mysterio, who is currently one of the biggest heels in WWE.

H/t to WrestlingNews