Konnan Compares AEW Champion To WWE Hall Of Famer Dusty Rhodes

Konnan Compares AEW Champion To WWE Hall Of Famer Dusty Rhodes

Konnan has taken a moment to acknowledge and commend the remarkable rise of Eddie Kingston within the realms of AEW.

Known for his outspoken criticism of wrestling promotions like WWE and AEW, Konnan couldn’t ignore the overwhelming support and success that Kingston has garnered in AEW. On his podcast, K100, he delved into a fan’s inquiry regarding Kingston’s unconventional journey in AEW, particularly given the departure from traditional physique standards. While Konnan openly expressed a personal preference for performers with impressive physiques, he couldn’t deny the significant impact of Kingston’s connection with the audience on his rapid ascent in AEW. Stressing the paramount importance of Kingston’s popularity among fans, Konnan stated:

The biggest factor for Eddie is he’s super over with the fans. He cuts very realistic, different promos. He doesn’t sound like everybody else; they don’t sound like wrestling promos.

In a surprising twist, Konnan drew parallels between Kingston’s trajectory and one of his wrestling idols, Dusty Rhodes. Contrary to the conventional belief that a chiselled physique is a prerequisite for success in professional wrestling, Konnan underscored the significance of Kingston’s authenticity and the resonance he has with the fans. He highlighted that Dusty Rhodes, despite not conforming to traditional body standards, had left an indelible mark on the wrestling industry. Konnan emphasised:

Look at Dusty [Rhodes], who was my idol. We all know overweight guys that are tough, and he’s probably over with Tony [Khan] too. It ain’t like he doesn’t deserve the push.

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