Kofi Kingston Wants A Match With The Young Bucks

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Kofi Kingston wants to open a different Forbidden Door by wrestling The Young Bucks.

The New Day – Kingston, Xavier Woods, and Big E – are considered by many fans to be one of the best tag teams in modern times, if not the best. They’ve won numerous tag titles and once held the record for longest single reign in tag team history.

But there’s one equally-praised tag team that they’ve never faced: The Young Bucks.

The duo of Matt and Nick Jackson are an equally-decorated tag team. They’ve won nineteen tag titles among widely-recognized promotions and have won more titles still across various smaller promotions.

They’ve also won numerous six-man tag titles and other tag-related accolades in various promotions and from wrestling publications.

The idea that The New Day and The Young Bucks would ever wrestle has long seemed impossible. The closest these two teams have ever come to “facing off” was pair of not-so-subtle references when The New Day called themselves “the elite” of tag team wrestling and the Bucks replied with some comment about it being “a new day”.

There was also a brief meeting between The New Day and Kenny Omega at a video game event.

But if Kofi Kingston gets his way, this idea could become reality. In an interview with Scott Fishman of TV Insider, Kofi Kingston was asked if there was anyone from outside WWE he’d like to face. Without hesitation, Kofi Kingston mentioned The Young Bucks, saying that he’s been waiting to wrestle them for some time.

“There are a lot of people. We’ve been wanting to have a match with the Young Bucks for a long time. It’s a special time.”

Aside from that duo, Kofi Kingston also elaborated on which wrestlers within WWE he’d face if he made the decisions himself.

“I’ll say the Usos for sure. If you’ve seen our tag matches, then I don’t need to explain it.

Dolph Ziggler, he and I joke that back in the day we could have a best-of-500 series. Every match was always fun and incredible.

I actually like having matches with Sami Zayn because of the visceral reactions he is able to garner from the crowd.

Kevin Owens is actually really good. His skill level is amazing. Our matches are always great.

Edge is really good. One of the first for me. When you’re in the ring with him, you just know it’s going to be good because he is an amazing storyteller and competitor.”

Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods will defend the NXT Tag Team Titles this Saturday, February 4th at NXT Vengeance Day.