Kevin Owens Was Unsure About Continuing His In-Ring Career Before Re-Signing With WWE

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Kevin Owens has admitted he may have been tempted to walk away from the squared circle before signing a new WWE contract, but knows the point his decision was made to stay.

With his contract set to expire on 31st January 2022, Kevin Owens only signed a new deal a month before he would have become a free agent. He was quickly rewarded for deciding to stay with WWE, as he was put in a main event contest with the returning ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin at WrestleMania 38.

Now, Kevin Owens has revealed in an interview with WrestleRant that he was considering stepping away from active competition altogether ahead of signing the new deal, but is pleased that he did.

Uh yeah by Christmas time last year I knew I was sticking around. But before that, I really had no idea. I didn’t even know, honestly I didn’t even know at that time if I still wanted to be in the ring. You know, not because I didn’t enjoy being in the ring anymore but everything was kind of up in the air. Then I made the decision to stay in WWE and I’m certainly glad I made it because like I said, just the year I’ve experienced things that I couldn’t have imagined.

Kevin Owens went on to discuss how his mindset towards wrestling has changed recently.

I’ve been really lucky to get to be a part of all that but also as far as my mindset goes, it’s definitely changed. I used to always want more and I used to always want bigger and worry about what’s next and stuff and I really don’t do that anymore. Not that I don’t want more, everybody would like more, it’s great. I’m really more worried about just doing good stuff and stuff that people enjoy and I’m also worried or thinking about just enjoying everything I can enjoy.

I’ve said in interviews in the past, I’ve missed out on enjoying moments I really should have enjoyed because I was always worried about what’s next. I’m not gonna do that anymore, I’ve had an incredible career that I’m so lucky to have. So many matches, so many moments that people would give anything they could to have [them]. So I just wanna enjoy everything I can from here on out for as long as I can. My mindset’s definitely shifted, but I think this one’s a lot healthier. It’s probably gonna help me be a better performer as well.

In his last match of 2022, Kevin Owens teamed with the returning John Cena on the 30th December edition of Friday Night SmackDown to defeat Roman Reigns and Sami Zayn.

With thanks to Fightful for the transcription.