Kevin Owens’ Mom Fighting Like Hell In Hospital

Kevin Owens promo on WWE SmackDown

Kevin Owens cut an emotional address on SmackDown.

At WWE Money in the Bank, Cody Rhodes will team with Randy Orton and Kevin Owens as their battle against The Bloodline continues. It’s unclear who will represent the dominant faction in the match, but the latest graphic suggests it will be Tama Tonga, Solo Sikoa, and Jacob Fatu — will be making his WWE in-ring debut.

No matter the opposition, July 6th will be an emotional day for Owens after the star revealed his mother is currently in hospital.

In a passionate promo on SmackDown, Owens said he’s been at his mother’s bedside all week, but there’s no way she’d allow him to miss a match, so he’s coming at The Bloodline with everything he’s got.

“Monday morning I got a call from my dad telling me my mom was rushed to the hospital and I needed to get home.

So I jumped on a flight and I flew back to Quebec, and that’s where I’ve been for the last five days or so. In the same hospital where she gave birth to me, with my dad and my brother at her bedside, watching her fight like hell.

And the shows in Toronto are always super special for all of us cuz the family gets to get together, the kids get to see their grandparents, all the family’s there, and everybody gets to enjoy wrestling together.

But my dad and my mom are not here tonight, they won’t be here tomorrow, because my mom is still in that hospital bed fighting like hell.

I know I could have stayed home tonight and it wouldn’t have been a problem with anybody back there [backstage], or out here [in the ring], and I probably should have stayed home.

But I didn’t. Because the one person it would have been a problem for is my mother. Because ever since I was 11 years old and I discovered professional wrestling and WWE, she did everything she could, along with my dad, to make sure I would realize my dream, get to WWE.

She wanted me to fight like hell. She told me every single time to come in here and leave it all in the ring. So if she knew, if she heard, that I had missed a show because of her, she’d be so pissed.

So here I am. And Bloodline, let me tell you this — I am more serious than I have ever been in my entire career — tomorrow, win, lose, or draw, all I care about is that I do what my mom has wanted me to do for the last four years. And that is not just kick the living hell out of The Bloodline, it’s to beat their asses worse than ever before.”

Kevin Owens Compared To Steve Austin

Looking ahead to Money in the Bank on his podcast, Jim Ross talked up Kevin Owens, comparing him to WWE legend Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Ross suggested Owens remains incredibly underrated before praising not only who is as a wrestler, but also as a person outside the ring.

Everyone at TJRWrestling sends their best wishes to Kevin Owens’ mother and the rest of his family during this difficult time.

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