Kevin Owens Says “It’s Been A Real Thrill” To Watch Things Develop For Sami Zayn

kevin owens sami zayn smackdown

Kevin Owens is thrilled to see Sami Zayn thriving in WWE as 2022 comes to a close because KO thinks Sami has deserved it for a long time.

There’s a big match taking place tonight, December 30th, on the final episode of WWE Smackdown on FOX. John Cena is back in action in Tampa, Florida to team up with an old rival in Kevin Owens against the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns and his partner from The Bloodline, the “Honorary Uce” Sami Zayn.

For Cena, it’s his first match since SummerSlam 2021 when he took Reigns to the limit in a Universal Championship match when Reigns found a way to win.

Owens and Zayn grew up in the pro wrestling business together from when they were teenagers. The two men are both from the Canadian province of Quebec near Montreal and they are both 38 years old. They are also both in the main event scene of WWE these days, which has led to some incredible crowd reactions for both of them.

In an interview with the New York Post, Owens talked about how great it is that people are finally noticing how talented Zayn is.

“He’s been an incredible performer for the 22 years I’ve known him and it’s great to see people finally taking notice of that and getting to appreciate that as much as they should.”

“He’s getting the credit he’s deserved for a long time. Our careers at this point, there’s no denying they’ll forever be linked and attached to one another. We’ll always come back to each other one way or the other, whether it’s fighting or teaming. It’s been a real thrill to see things develop for him.”

While Owens and Zayn are on opposite sides right now, there are also rumors out there that whenever The Bloodline turns on Zayn, which could be soon, it would likely lead to Zayn and Owens becoming babyface allies once again. With February’s Elimination Chamber Premium Live event taking place in Montreal, both men should be heavily featured on that show.

Elsewhere in the interview, Kevin Owens talked about how John Cena has helped him a lot in his WWE career, especially when they had an on-screen rivalry in 2015.