Kevin Nash Recalls Hating Sledgehammer Ladder Match

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A lot of wrestlers want to try to enjoy their last singles match, but Kevin Nash didn’t have a lot of fun during his last WWE match.

It was WWE TLC in December 2011 when Kevin Nash faced off against Triple H in what was billed as a Sledgehammer Ladder Match. However, it was not a traditional Ladder Match where you climb a ladder to retrieve something hanging above the ring. Instead, it was a sledgehammer that was hanging above the ring that could be used as a weapon.

Nash was 52 years old at the time and still in good shape while moving around well, but it was also obvious he was at the end of his career as a wrestler. Triple H won the match by hitting Nash with the sledgehammer for the pinfall win.

On a recent episode of his Kliq This podcast, Nash spoke about how he didn’t enjoy the Sledgehammer Ladder Match. Here’s how Nash reacted when it was mentioned to him that a ladder match isn’t something he normally did.

“What do you mean, ‘both don’t normally?’ How about f**king never? How about, I’ve never done one in my life? I’ve got 17 knee operations and f**king, he’s running the show and I get to talk to him for about eight minutes in the ring before the doors open. And that was my last match. Everybody else gets to have a last match. that was mine. F**k me.”

When the sledgehammer was brought up to Nash, he didn’t seem to care too much about it either.

“Who gives a f**k about a sledgehammer? All I know is, you got a f**king — it was an 18-foot ladder; guess what? Nobody wins until somebody goes off the motherf**ker, and I wasn’t going over.”

Kevin Nash also competed in the 2014 Royal Rumble match, but as far as singles matches go, TLC 2011 was his last WWE match.

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