Kevin Nash: “I Should Have Said, ‘Let’s Go To A Strip Club.'”

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Kevin Nash paid the price for offering to help.

Over the years there have been several factors cited as starting the ‘demise of WCW,’ but there’s one moment in particular many fans see as impossible to defend.

In late 1998, Kevin Nash was added to the creative team in an effort to try and lift the pressure on Eric Bischoff. Within two months, Nash had ended Goldberg’s undefeated streak and won the World Championship before losing the gold to Hulk Hogan via the infamous “Finger Poke of Doom.”

During the second episode of the new documentary “Who Killed WCW?” Eric Bischoff and Kevin Nash discussed the star becoming part of creative. Bischoff explained that he was beginning to wilt as a result of disagreements with Turner Broadcasting, and sensing his struggle, Nash offered to help out.

“I found myself fighting with departments of Turner Broadcasting that I’d never heard of before. It took a lot out of me,” Eric recalled. “One afternoon, I was in my office and I was just out of gas. Kevin came into my office and Kevin offered. He said, ‘Hey, boss, why don’t you just let me take over the book? Temporary. Get your feet back underneath you. Let me take this pressure off of you.’

There were other people I could have handed it off to, but I had confidence in Kevin’s instincts.”

Kevin Nash Regrets Not Making A Different Suggestion

Nash confirmed his move into creative was down to a desire to help his friend. However, he admits offering to take him on a night out might have been a better option.

“He just was having such a hard time banging heads with everybody on everything. So that’s how it started. I said, ‘I’ll help.’ I should have said, ‘Let’s go to a strip club.'”

Off the back of the documentary, Ric Flair recently apologised for claiming Eric Bischoff, Vince Russo, and Jim Herd killed WCW.

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