Kevin Nash Feels NWO Story Should Have Gone Differently


Kevin Nash has claimed he “pretty much did what everybody else wanted” during his NWO days and has shared how his vision would have changed the WCW landscape.

Nash, Scott Hall, and Hulk Hogan shook the wrestling industry in 1996 by creating one of the biggest factions of all time, the New World Order.

After Nash and Hall left WWE to join WCW as The Outsiders, the lines between reality and storylines blurred, and WCW began to go ahead in the Monday night rating war.

Bash At The Beach 1996 has gone down in history as one of the most iconic moments as Hulk Hogan did the unthinkable, became a heel, joining forces with The Outsiders to become the NWO.

But if Kevin Nash had been allowed his way during 1996 and 1997, fans would have been treated to amended brand names and the creation of new worlds.

Big Sexy was answering fan questions on the latest episode of Kliq This, and was asked if he would have done anything differently during the NWO versus WCW storyline.

Nash explained how he felt that the name of Nitro should have been changed to reflect the strength of the NWO.

“It was never done how I always envisioned it,”

“I always envisioned that, once we took over, that it would become ‘NWO Nitro.’ It was no longer going to be WCW, it would be NWO.”

The Five-Time WCW World Heavyweight Champion would go in to discuss a missed opportunity of building a civil war.

“If we knew then what we knew now … We would take over, and slowly the WCW, like Sting, Dallas, and those guys, would be like the Revolutionary War, and slowly they would try to take back over the Turner product,”

“It would’ve gone back to WCW, and then everybody would be, hopefully, in a perfect world, we could’ve had ‘The Larry Sanders Show.’

“We could’ve shot that differently, created worlds, done everything the way I had envisioned. But I didn’t.

I was one person with a vision. It wasn’t like I was Bob Ross. I didn’t f***ing get to make little trees and houses and sh*t. I just did pretty much did what everybody else wanted to do.”

In 1997 the NWO had so many members, that WCW decided to create a spin off NWO Wolfpac that Nash would head up, the two factions battled with Hulk Hogan staying in charge of the Black and White NWO.

The original trio of Hulk Hogan, Hall, and Nash would reunite in 2002 with an on screen storyline where Vince McMahon wanted to unleash a virus within WWE.

Nash has recently admitted that he wanted a WWE Hall of Famer to join the NWO, but the former World Champion refused.

H/t to WrestlingInc