Kevin Nash Hails This Wrestler As The Modern-Day Macho Man Randy Savage

Kevin Nash Hails This Wrestler As The Modern-Day Macho Man Randy Savage

WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash declared that Seth Rollins is the modern-day incarnation of the legendary Macho Man Randy Savage.

Kevin Nash’s comparison came during an episode of the Kliq This podcast and Nash specifically pointed out Rollins’ attire and overall Macho Man vibe as the main reasons behind this bold statement. Initially, Nash admitted to having reservations about Rollins’ gimmick but later came to appreciate the way Rollins embodies the essence of a modern-day Macho Man. During the podcast, Nash said:

I didn’t like Seth ‘Freakin’ Rollins’ character for quite a while. Then I just realized in the last two months that he’s kind of like the modern-day Macho [Randy Savage]. He has the glasses and he’s got kind of a Macho Man vibe. If you were to modernize Macho Man, it’d be Seth. Plus, he can work his f**king ass off; he’s really f**king good.

Nash’s comparison between Rollins and Savage highlights the lasting influence and impact of legendary wrestlers on the current generation. Rollins, with his unique style and talent, has managed to capture the attention and admiration of both fellow wrestlers and fans alike. His attire, often including flamboyant accessories like sunglasses and vests, echoes the iconic fashion choices of Macho Man. Moreover, Rollins’ charisma and high-energy performances in the ring reflect the same kind of intensity that made Savage a household name.

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