Kevin Nash Gives Details After Skin Cancer Diagnosis

Kevin Nash

Kevin Nash says he knows exactly why he has ongoing problems with skin cancer.

Speaking on a recent episode of his Kliq This podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash opened up about having a basal cell carcinoma spot removed from his face. He shared an image of the wound left behind and encouraged those listening to get regular checkups with a dermatologist.

“For everybody out there that is – I’m 64 years old – and all this damage is from when we were kids. All this skin damage is from when we were kids and I religiously – and I know you do too, Sean, because we’ve had this conversation – go to a dermatologist every three months and have yourself checked out.”

“I’ve Had Several Things Cut Off Me” – Kevin Nash

Continuing, Nash revealed that this is not his first bout with skin cancer as he’s had to have multiple spots removed. According to the WWE Hall of Famer, the damage is the result of using tanning beds for decades as a professional wrestler.

“I know exactly why I have these problems. I’ve had several things cut off me. It was the 25 years plus of laying in tanning beds in New Jersey and Pennsylvania and everywhere else that had no sun because we had Monday Night Raw and there wasn’t an alternative.”

In recent years, multiple stars have undergone similar procedures to Nash, including Tommy Dreamer and Alexa Bliss. WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has also had tough bouts with the disease, and thankfully announced that he was cancer-free in August.

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