Kevin Nash Thinks Cody Rhodes Should Turn Heel In WWE

Cody Rhodes WWE Raw

Cody Rhodes would be forgiven for having a chip on his shoulder after failing to finish his story at WrestleMania 39 and Kevin Nash says he knows exactly when Rhodes should let that chip grow into a full-blown heel turn.

Despite his reactions in the last few months in AEW, Cody Rhodes returned to WWE to a hero’s welcome and he has retained those reactions ever since. Many expected Rhodes to capture the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship at WrestleMania 39 against Roman Reigns but he failed in his quest.

Speaking on his Kliq This podcast, Kevin Nash noted that he thinks WWE could run the same playbook with Cody Rhodes as when Paul Orndorff was teaming with Hulk Hogan before he turned on The Hulkster:

“It was like when Orndorff was with Hogan. You could see that there was friction, and you knew that Orndorff was gonna turn on Hogan. It was just a matter of when. I think that’s what they’re gonna do with Cody. The money is always gonna be with the babyface chasing the belt.”

Nash then clarified that he thinks when Cody Rhodes finally does become WWE Champion then that is the perfect time for The American Nightmare to turn heel:

“Yes. I don’t mean this as any slight to anybody, but I look at people’s pops, and people’s pops during the start of my career to this past Sunday. You could take everybody, you could take Hogan, Rock, Shawn, Taker, Bret, Roman, Cody, put them all in a basket, and put them in the ring, and then have Austin’s f*cking glass break, and when sh*t was in his wheelhouse, and there was nothing as electric and as that f*cking [pop] because he was the real deal.

“He was every man’s champion. That was my boy, man. That was my friend. I would watch that, I’d be so f*cking proud, like f*ck yeah.”