Kevin Nash Hits Back At Accusations He Destroyed WCW

Kevin Nash

Kevin Nash has fired back at suggestions that he was in some way responsible for the ultimate death of WCW when it closed its doors in 2001.

Nash was at the epicenter of WCW’s rise to mainstream popularity in the mid-nineties and he and Scott Hall defected to the company from WWE and joined up with Hulk Hogan to form the New World Order.

WCW may have defeated WWE in the ratings for 83 straight weeks in the Monday Night Wars but WCW’s time in the sun was to prove fleeting with the company being sold off to Vince McMahon in 2001 amid the murky backdrop of corporate mergers that forced the company off of the networks it had long been a part of.

Speaking on his Kliq This podcast – courtesy of – Kevin Nash has hit back at criticism he has faced over the years that says Big Sexy himself had a hand in destroying WCW:

“People would say, ‘Nash single-handedly destroyed WCW.’ Like it would upset me. I’m thinking like, ‘Wow, like, you’re almost giving me like, that’s almost Trump status. So like, I not only killed a wrestling show that at one point had beaten Vince McMahon for 83 [weeks], … I also forced them to sell the Braves, the Hawks, everything that wasn’t bolted down.'”

In addition to his on-screen role, Kevin Nash had acted as the company’s booker for a spell, with many believing that Nash booked himself to be the one to end Goldberg’s vaunted undefeated streak – something the WWE Hall of Famer denies.

h/t Wrestling Inc.