Kevin Dunn Missed Survivor Series Ahead Of WWE Exit

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It has emerged that Kevin Dunn missed WWE Survivor Series just weeks before the EVP announced his surprise departure from the company.

The wrestling world was stunned when it was revealed Kevin Dunn had quit WWE after forty years of working with the company. Dunn had worked his way up the ladder in the company to become Executive Producer & Chief, Global Television Distribution for the company.

Dunn’s time in the company came to an end just three months after Endeavor’s takeover of WWE and things between both sides were said to have gotten acrimonious towards the end.

Kevin Dunn Demanded Best Of WWE Staff & Stars

Fightful Select has now reported more information regarding the internal workings of WWE and how Dunn was thought of. Sources within the company noted that Dunn had not been as difficult to work with as expected but his expectations for everyone were sky-high.

Dunn was said to have his hand in every part of WWE broadcasts including graphics, lighting, camera work, audio, pyro, and video. Kevin Dunn was described as the ring leader of broadcasts and would give feedback on anything he thought could be improved.

It had been widely reported that Triple H took charge of Survivor Series production ahead of CM Punk’s shock return to WWE and it was revealed Dunn wasn’t at that show. If Dunn was absent from shows, it was usually left to the NXT producers to fill in for him. There was no explanation as to why Dunn missed Survivor Series but was said to take a normal amount of holidays during his time in the company.

Kevin Dunn was said to have got along well with Vince McMahon, Triple H, Bruce Prichard as well as the segment producers in the company. Dunn was also said to have a big focus on safety with an example given being that Cody Rhodes’ pyro was held at WrestleMania 38 as Dunn made sure the camera crew was clear before the pyro could be fired.