Kenny Omega Reacts To Will Ospreay’s Anti-Canada Comments

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Kenny Omega has given his thoughts on Will Ospreay bashing Canada, which is where their Forbidden Door match will take place.

One of the biggest matches that will take place at the AEW-NJPW Forbidden Door pay-per-view this Sunday, June 25th in Toronto will see Kenny Omega defend the IWGP US Title against Will Ospreay. It could be the main event of the show since the company has promoted it heavily along with the Bryan Danielson-Kazuchika Okada match.

The Kenny Omega-Will Ospreay clash is a rematch from the epic encounter they had back at January’s Wrestle Kingdom 17 when Omega took the IWGP US Title from Ospreay. Six months later, we finally get to see the rematch.

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Kenny Omega will have the home-field advantage over Ospreay since Omega is from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, and Forbidden Door takes place in Toronto, so the fans should be strongly behind Omega in the match.

Will Ospreay has embraced the heel role in the match by making these anti-Canada comments earlier this month.

“I’m walking into AEW territory once again. Only this time, Kenny, in the Tokyo Dome, I can’t tell you enough, you embarrassed me. It was 80% you, 20% Ospreay, we all know it. I left covered in my own blood, a shell of a man. Now I have to get revenge. There is not a better place to do it than in your home territory.

I’ll say it now. I f**king can’t stand Canada. I genuinely can’t. Where is this f**king notion that all Canadians are nice? ‘Oh, sorry about that. Everyone is Canada is f**king nice.’ Look at the evidence. Chris Jericho, a**hole. Don Callis, a**hole. El Phantasmo, a**hole. Bret Hart just moans all the f*king time. I just figure all you Canadians are f**king a*holes.”

“It’s going to be real f**king good, walking into enemy territory. I’m going to welcome it. I’m at my best when I’m a little f**king d**khead. I have a point to prove. I don’t care if your heart is broken and your family is awful. Boo f**king hoo. You ripped my heart out and ate it in front of me. Only difference is, I’m still breathing.”

“The heart you ripped out, I put it right back in and it’s still beating. That time I’ve been away, I’m an open heart surgeon. I’m going rip your heart out and eat it in front of Canada. I need this one. I have to prove a point. I am the best wrestler in the world. It’s time to show up.”

In an interview with TSN’s Jay Onrait, Kenny Omega was asked about Ospreay’s anti-Canada remarks leading to Omega replying with this.

“I really don’t understand his beef with Canada, perhaps it’s more Canadian people. And I think every country has some despicable people living within it. Sure, maybe I’m one of them. Maybe I’m one of them. Perhaps the business has clouded my soul a little bit dark in my heart. I’m not sure. I’m just here being me. But what’s most important about all that is I still believe deep down that I’m probably the best wrestler and best representative on a worldwide scale for professional wrestling.”

“So love me or not hate me or not, I’m the benchmark, I know that I’m the benchmark, so Will has to step up his game. And he has to show something much different than what he showed at Tokyo Dome. Because now we’re in Canada. And now this is probably going to be his last chance to win his belt back. And if he doesn’t, I really have no obligation to go back to Japan either as much as I’d like to. So they just may lose one of their most prized possessions for an undisclosed amount of time. So it’s a very big match for Will.”

Clearly, part of what Will Ospreay said is just him being a heel going into the match with Kenny Omega in the babyface role. It’s also a way to get people even more excited for one of the most anticipated matches at Forbidden Door.

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